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Motorbike Tyre Warmers

Whether you’re a racer or a track day addict, tyre warmers are an essential piece of equipment. Both race and road tyres need a certain amount of heat before they can give their best performance. Without tyre warmers valuable track time is lost whilst building up heat into cold rubber. The tyres do not give the performance or feedback needed to obtain a fast lap and damage can also be caused to the tyre during this time.

The Facts:
• Track day session’s average 6 laps – it takes 3 laps to warm cold tyres,
  that’s 50% of track time lost warming the tyres
• Tyre wear is increased when tyres are cold!!
• Tyres “let go” with NO warning when cold
How much does a binned bike cost to repair? (If you’re still around to repair it)

Motorbike Tyre Warmers

Bike-IT Motorbike Tyre Warmers £134.95 - £5 off SRP

As used by the Virgin Yamaha BSB team, available in superbike size as well as two smaller versions for smaller tyres.

Each warmer is thermostat controlled, using a dual led red/green indicator to display heating and readiness. Elasticated sides are featured for ease and accuracy of fitment.
Small for 125cc (90/70-17 125/55-17 )
Medium 250cc & Supermono (120/70-17 160/60-17)
Superbike (120/70-17 190/55-17)
Read Customer Review HERE


Motorbike Tyre Warmers
Designed to fit;

  • Front 120
  • Rear 180 & 190

MotoGP Motorbike Tyre Warmers - £147.49 - £5 off SRP

Official MotoGP tyre warmer set, includes front and rear warmers. Self fitting elasticated sides offer a snug fit and uniform heat distribution. Warmers heat to a thermostatically controlled 80°c for optimum tyre temperature, and retain that setting until warmers are removed or switched off.
LED indicators clearly show when the warmers are heating or the thermostat is at the maximum temperature setting. Supplied with storage bag.
The track day essential.


Motorbike Tyre Warmers
Motorbike Tyre Warmers
Designed to fit;

  • Front 120
  • Rear 180 & 190

MotoGP Digital Motorbike Tyre Warmers - £209.95 - £10 off SRP

Both the front and rear warmers feature encased digital thermostat units which allow the user to manually input a desired temperature for the warmer to maintain. The resulting advantage over standard tyre warmers is being able to heat the warmer to a higher or lower temperature according to weather conditions and time restraints, plus more accurate and easy to read data.


  • LCD display for easy reading
  • Power indicator light
  • Temperature setting from 40-99 degree Celsius
  • Real time temperature reading during heating
Motorbike Tyre Warmers

Digital Motorbike Tyre Warmers - £219.95 - £10 off SRP

Enjoying the same heating element design and insulation as the standard warmers, Biketek Professional Digital warmers use a digital display micro-processor temperature controller offering adjustable heating. Depending on weather conditions, the greater control of the professional warmers allows precise heating through a range from 40- 99 ºC, with the benefi t of real time temperature readouts. The temperature controller is located in a central module, so both front and rear warmers can be controlled and viewed simultaneously.
Bike - Front Tyre - Rear Tyre - Ordercode
Superbikes - 120/70-17 180 > - TYRW19

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